What is Integrative Medicine? It is the blending between Eastern (sometimes called holistic) and Western (what we think of as traditional) medicine. This means we can use acupuncture or Chinese herbs along with treatments you are familiar with. Some herbs interact with some medications and/or food so these should only be used under the care of a veterinarian. Dr. Valerie Reamer studied acupuncture at OneHealth SIM in Fort Collins, Colorado. There are many uses for acupuncture as you can see on the chart below. This does not list everything so if you have any questions give us a call and schedule a consult with Dr. Reamer.

This is Roux. He had surgery on both knees while he was with a rescue; ACL repair on his left knee and patella surgery on his right. He was born in Louisiana and spent his first four years between there and Tennessee so this cold weather is hard on him. He has not been wanting to bear weight on his right leg so we are trying acupuncture. Here are some pictures from his first treatment today.

Roux was a little apprehensive at first, but keep watching…

He decided it was very, very relaxing!

The doctor used 5 needles for the first treatment to see how Roux would react.

The needles are very thin and Roux doesn’t seem to notice them being inserted.

Since he handled this so well, we will get another treatment on Monday.

Roux thought a nap might be next on the agenda so he is getting settled in.

Therapy Laser

We now offer treatments with a therapy laser. This is a non-invasive method of reducing pain and inflammation and encouraging healing. Treatment is painless and some patients notice immediate dramatic improvement after 1-2 sessions. With some patients improvement is more gradual and subtle, taking at least 6 sessions to notice improvement.

Some common uses for the therapy laser are osteoarthritis, post operative incisions, non healing wounds, burns, fractures, lick granulomas, Otitis, abscesses, blocked cats, happy tail, constipation and gum disease/stomatitis.