Service Dogs In Training

Sandy and Jim Globa have been involved with Service Dogs for many years. They have allowed us to participate in their care while they live with them in Erie. Here is a picture of the latest addition to the Service Dog Corp., the very handsome Montego on the left.

Montego has successfully completed CCI Advanced Training at the Regional Training Center in Delaware, Ohio. On Monday, February 3, he will be working with 8 individuals who have applied for a Service Dog. Trainers will match the needs of each individual with the strength of each dog. Hopefully, Montego will be matched and if so, the Globas will attend the CCI graduation of him and his partner on February 14.

Montego is pictured with Dash II who has been a Service Dog for 20 months in Bay Village, Ohio. The picture was taken in August 2013 when Tego entered Advance Training. Emily (Dash’s partner) and Dash came to give moral support to Tego and the Globas. We at Animal Ark and Animal Kingdom are so thankful for people like Sandy and Jim Globa that take in pups to raise and selflessly give them back to the training program.


Our manager at Animal Kingdom, Heather Stauffer, is training this Golden Retriever puppy, Axle, to be a guide dog for the blind. He will be with her until October 2018.

Here is the story in Heather’s words:

“Four weeks have gone by so fast for our family and our Future Leader Dog (FLD) Axle. He has doubled his weight and food!

The first few nights crate training was a real treat, it’s hard being with your litter mates, then to come to a new house with nobody to snuggle next to. But he quickly learned that we were close by.

House breaking has gone better than anticipated! We’ve had to retrain ourselves in regards to this, as Leader Dog says “park” for their meaning of going outside to potty/use the bathroom. I’ve caught myself a few times saying lets go out to potty, just to have my 6 year old daughter remind me “it’s park, mommy.” Why yes, you are so right!

Having 4 & 6 year old 2 legged kids, makes for a fun filled, yet BUSY experience for our family. Between getting the kids ready to go to the store, I now have regressed back to having a “diaper bag” a.k.a Axle’s puppy bag. Which includes- napkins, wipes, poop bags, portable dog food dish, portable water bottle with flip out bowl, and of course treats!

And thankfully we go out prepared, because while visiting the mall a few weeks back, Axle had his first public accident in Bath & Body Works, eeekk! But the staff there couldn’t have been any kinder or prepared! They knew what a great volunteer job I was doing and were so kind to help out. And they had a very nice public sink, so I got to try out some festive hand soap! 😃

We have conquered commands like sit, stay, come, down, leave-it, and off. Some days I think he thinks his name is “Axle Leave-it.” Got to love the puppy phase!

Things that Leader Dog also trains for and that we are always working on are collar cues, puppy push-ups (Stand, sit, down and repeat), paw pad training, always remaining on the left side, unless you approach a door that have hinges on the left, then they get taught to go around to the right side, ground tethering, and settling on a designated mat.

We have been to many stores, restaurants and other locations, that have opened their doors to help Leader Dogs for the Blind. Thank you to: Sheetz in Harborcreek, Beechwood Inn in Wattsburg, Walmart in Harborcreek, HomeDepot on Peach St, Petsmart, Petco, Wattsburg Elementary School, St. Vincent Hospital, ENT Associates of Erie, Animal Ark and Animal Kingdom Pet Hospitals, Aldi in Harborcreek, Chick-Fil-A, Millcreek Mall, especially Bath & Body Works & Boscov’s.”


In May 2018 Axle went to a veterinary conference and got to meet (and kiss!) a celebrity, Dr. Andy Rourk.