Job Descriptions

Animal Care Worker

This position is one of the most important at our hospital. Successful candidates should be team-oriented with the ability to handle a wide variety of tasks throughout the work day. Our Animal Care Workers assist Receptionists, Technicians and Doctors in maintaining a high standard of patient care. Candidates are expected to express compassion, sympathy and professionalism during high-stress situations. Daily responsibilities may include but are not limited to; assisting with toenail trims, ear cleanings, or anal gland expressions, obtaining fecal and urine samples, safely restraining pets during minor procedures, pet bathing, cleaning of surgical equipment, maintaining cleaning supply inventory, safely walking patients and opening cages, stocking of supplies throughout the hospital, assisting clients with multiple pets or large purchases, and bringing patients to the front desk for discharge. Animal Care Workers perform maintenance both inside and outside the hospital, and some of those tasks could include; vacuuming, mopping, dusting, laundry, changing garbage, cleaning sinks, windows and doors, and cleaning litter boxes and kennels.


The purpose of this position is to serve as the face of the Animal Ark and Animal Kingdom Pet Hospitals. Candidates will perform record keeping duties, clerical duties related to patient care, and provide support to the hospital managers. These service functions include, but are not limited to; warm and friendly visitor reception, maintenance of veterinary medical records, account maintenance, cash processing, data entry, data transcribing, word processing and mail service. This position requires a practical knowledge of hospital organization and services. Candidates should be aware of the basic rules and regulations governing patients, and knowledgeable of common terminology used in the hospital.

Telephone Operator

This is often the first impression a client has of our practice. It requires strong client service skills along with considerable tact and diplomacy. Attention to detail and the ability to determine the priority of a task is a must. Knowledge of computers along with excellent verbal, written and interpersonal communication skills are also required. This position is strictly part-time.


The Veterinary Technician/Assistant supports the doctors and receptionists in all areas of the practice. They ensure a comfortable and sanitary environment for all patients. Daily responsibilities vary depending on assignments. There are three positions for which Technicians will be trained; exam room, surgery and floating.


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